Enshallah – A fast-paced adventure of 9/11 America, modern Arabia, and one woman’s revenge - Inshallah (Arabic for, "God willing")

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Enshallah – “God Willing”

We invite you to read about the fanatical world of anti-terrorism, the struggles of the post-September 11th world and the dangers of al Qaeda and the War on Terrorism. The pages found below will introduce you to a rare female protagonist, a covert agent working against a Muslim fundamentalist who is working to grow and expand terrorism into the United States and throughout Saudi Arabia.  It is the same brand of terrorism found throughout the Middle East including Jordan, Yemen, Israel, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The story of Yasmina Al Amar changing from an untested covert agent into a ferocious warrior-spy before exacting vengeance on her enemies is dramatic and compelling reading.  If you enjoy reading adventure, spy, espionage,CIA, FBI, or James Bond novels, please sample the downloads below. Once introduced to Yasmina, your intrigue will be all the more heightened. Inshallah!

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  • The old bastard sent word for her to come at once. Yasi strode quickly out of the dusty wadi where the goat herd was grazing, climbed hand over hand up the rocky cliff side and then trotted to the front of the old man's tent. She squatted down in the sand with her head lowered, and waited, panting. The sun baked her body, the black wool abaya covering her from head to foot intensifying the sweltering desert heat. Closing her eyes against the searing dryness she fought off the drowsy feeling of lightheadedness. download the foreword

  • September 11, 2001 exploded into history and all America gasped in pain and anguish. Yasi was a new sophomore at Georgetown and her parents were frantic with worry for her safety. They demanded that she leave Washington and return to Michigan immediately, but she refused, and instead argued with them to stay where she was, to prove the terrorists would not succeed in dictating how she lived her life. They had attacked her country and had vowed to destroy her freedom, but she refused to let that happen. download from chapter 6

  • It was only because the water tanker was almost empty that Yasi was able to cruise along at 55 miles per hour. She sipped constantly from the water bladder, swallowing slowly, swishing water around her teeth and letting it soak into the membranes of her mouth. She reached into her pocket, took the greasy butter from the goat meat and rubbed it onto her tongue and teeth. She had seen the Bedouins put it in their camel’s water before a long trek across the desert. It would help protect the delicate tissues of her mouth from drying out later on. While she drove, she searched the cab for anything that might be of help to her, but found nothing except for a disposable cigarette lighter. She put it in her pocket and pushed the truck's accelerator down to the floor. There were no other vehicles. The desolate roadside sped by as a brownish blur and the highway looked as straight as a hallway carpet runner. download from chapter 7