Enshallah – A fast-paced adventure of 9/11 America, modern Arabia, and one woman’s revenge - Inshallah (Arabic for, "God willing")

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Yasmina al Amar becomes one of the fiercest of American agents as she fights against al Qaeda and all terrorist extremist forces that seek to overturn governments and destroy all "Infidels" throughout the United States and the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Israel.  Her transformation from a naive, idealistic college graduate to a deadly trained agent is a book filled with adventure and danger, as Yasi survives seemingly insurmountable odds while she hones her skills and leads the reader to a thrilling conclusion.  The characters written about in the world of al Qaeda will draw you into their world and grip your attention, leaving you wanting more. Enshallah (Inshallah)!